thinking, speaking, writing and knowing what it takes …
effective communication is actually very easy.

k.u.k. is in health care:

and from August 2017 is informing the trade and consumer press about the latest generation of medical equipment from OMRON Healthcare for measuring blood pressure and inhaling.

k.u.k. extends its comprehensive network:

and from June 2017 is informing German and Swiss media about the high efficacy of Swiss start-up skin689's active ingredient skincare products.

k.u.k. loves it spicy:

and from June 2017 will be ensuring an even stronger media presence for SONNENTOR’s delightful organic products.

Moderne Hausfrau
k.u.k. makes life more beautiful:

and since October 2016 has been promoting the ingenious household goods, gift ideas and decorative products listed in the mailorder catalogue “Die moderne Hausfrau“.

k.u.k. is committed:

and is providing press and PR work on a voluntary basis for JOBLINGE. The initiative prepares young people for employment, who might otherwise not have an opportunity to secure an apprenticeship position. We have been one of the official partners since November.

k.u.k. becomes even more golden:

and from October 2015 will be performing communication work for the hypoallergenic anti-ageing cosmetic brand Juka d'Or in Germany.

k.u.k. comes up smelling of roses:

with Richard-Lüscher-Britos natural perfumes, for whose Swiss PR work we have been responsible since September 2014 and German PR work since 2015.

k.u.k. has gone organic:

and since April 2014 has been responsible for PR and communication in Switzerland and Germany for the Swiss organic cosmetics company Farfalla.

Among its clients, k.u.k. boasts:

Kuhn Rikon, the legendary Swiss
manufacturer of cookware and
accessories, for whom we have
been handling public relations in
Germany since April 2012 and in
Switzerland since January 2013

k.u.k. kommunikation –
managed by its owners and active all over Europe

We are the 'missing link'. The joint that ensures successful communication between companies and the media, but also increasingly frequently between companies and their customers.

Our formula for success:
The right strategy.

We have been providing consultancy for our clients in Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland on effective communications strategies since 1998, and in so doing we focus both on classical print media and on all the tools of the social Web. The crucial question is always which strategy is the one most likely to succeed. We act as as an external press office for many of our clients in the entire German and French speaking area.


Our method:
Sustainable and persuasive.

We see communication as an increasingly important responsibility of companies and their brands. That is why k.u.k. strategies and campaigns are tailored to perfectly suit our clients; they are designed and executed in a manner that is sustainable and contextually persuasive. Our concepts are always based on thorough research and analysis of the market and the competitors.

Regardless of whether it is classical public relations or a social media campaign – the crucial thing for us is the intelligent deployment of resources and the impact this generates ... 

advertise less,
think more.


Our media contacts:
Personal and long-term.

For us, PR is primarily about building relationships. We build long-term relationships with journalist and bloggers. And that's why we succeed in obtaining effective placements for our clients. Our topics are beauty, food and lifestyle. Our media contacts in Switzerland are just as successful, personal and wide-spread as they are in Austria and Germany.

Our team: Multidisciplinary 
and multilingual.

Both of the managing proprietors are postdoctoral scientists and scholars and have been working as media professionals for over 20 years. Our five-member team is multidisciplinary and multilingual: German, English, French, Polish and Danish.

5 creative minds –
with a predilection for communication

Dr. Phil. Claudia Kübler
PR consultant and proprietor of k.u.k. kommunikation

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Dr. Claudia Kübler learned PR from scratch – at the prestigious Frankfurt agency Leipziger + Partner. In addition to her doctorate, from 1996 to 1998, the historian developed the PR work for a marketing agency before founding k.u.k. kommunikation in 1998.

She may be Swabian in name and origin but at heart, she is French;– not least a pleasure for our Parisian business partners. She is very much at ease in articulating the spoken language and in putting it to paper. She advises clients in our westward neighbouring country and organises press events in Paris, Geneva and Lausanne. She was already addressing with the image of Germany in the French media in her doctoral thesis.

Thanks to her strong affinity to science and technology, not only is the agency always at the cutting edge with the latest technology and equipment, but k.u.k. kommunikation was also able to manage web portals early on and get into social media communication at a very early stage.

Dr. Claudia Kübler is married and has two daughters.


Dr. Rer. Soc. Claudia Kundigraber
Journalist and proprietor of k.u.k. kommunikation

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Dr. Claudia Kundigraber has been in the media business for twenty years: She completed her education as an editor at the prestigious Deutsche Journalistenschule (German School of Journalism) in Munich. Later she worked at Südwest Presse (Southwest press) and Frankfurter Rundschau and as the press spokeswoman for the Stuttgart Kirchentag (Church Conference).

While her business partner specialised in western issues, she herself chose the east and earned her PhD in Warsaw on the democratisation of Poland – including a case study on the new media landscape.

Her everyday life at the agency consists of managing contacts and the acquisition of new business. Most of the time she is on the go – primarily in Switzerland, Austria and Poland.

The postdoctoral political scientist regularly gives lectures, runs workshops or takes on individual coaching assignments. For example, at the Protestant Academy Bad Boll, the AHK in Warsaw and at the universities in Chur (Switzerland), Pforzheim and Vaihingen.

Her latest project: establishing public relations work in Switzerland and then doing the same in the land of her ancestors – Austria.

Dr. Claudia Kundigraber is married and has a son and daughter.

Christine Bodon
PR Consultant / Head of Text

Joined the k.u.k. team in 2011

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Christine Bodon has been a professional for text and concept design for over ten years. Having initially worked in the publishing industry and later in advertising, she knows the art of getting to the heart of an issue succinctly. In addition to creating long and short copy, both scientific and advertising-oriented, her daily life at the agency consists of the development of strategies and concepts.


Mia Härter
PR Junior Consultant

Joined the k.u.k. team in 2015

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Mia Härter is our digital native: she feels very comfortable working on lifestyle matters as well as in social media, thanks to her many years of experience as a blogger.  Following her work placement at, the Swiss-born Mia Härter also understands things from the other side of the desk: journalism. She studied Popular Cultures and Communication Science in Zurich.


Stefanie Weber
Office manager
Joined the k.u.k. team in 2007

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Stefanie Weber is our experienced office manager. She is responsible for the important area of evaluation: She documents and evaluates clippings and press contacts. Thus, we and our clients always have an overview of the contacts, requests, deliveries and the results thereby achieved: at the touch of a button.

Beauty, food and lifestyle –
these brands rely on us

Couleur Caramel

Paris, since 2008

Biological decorative cosmetics
Couleur Caramel is a cult product line. We have undertaken not only classical PR, but since 2011 all their social media activities as well.


Plochingen, since 2011

The leading sporting goods manufacturer in France
We bring the insider tip from France into the German media and also provide support in opening new media outlets.

Versandhaus Walz

Bad Waldsee, since 2016

Clever products that make life easier
We are responsible for PR for 'Die Modern Hausfrau' and 'walzvital' in Germany.

Ella Baché

Karlsruhe, since 2008

Cosmetic products for body and face
We bring the products of cosmetics pioneer Ella Baché into the German and Austrian media.


Uster, since 2014

Swiss pioneering organic cosmetics producer
We are responsible for product and brand PR and communication in Germany and Switzerland.


St. Gallen, since 2011

Chemist’s cosmetics and medicinal products
We are the external press office in Switzerland for the tradition-rich St. Gall enterprise.



Stuttgart, since 2016

An initiative to integrate young people into the employment market
We are responsible on a voluntary basis for PR work in the Stuttgart region.


Juka d'Or

since 2015, Ubstadt-Weiher

Hypoallergenic dermocosmetics
We ensure that the brand and its products become much better known in Germany across all media – print, digital and social.

Kuhn Rikon

Rikon, since 2012

The cookware manufacturer of Switzerland
We manage classical public relations in Germany and Switzerland for the Swiss market leader.


OMRON Healthcare

Mannheim, since 2017

Medical equipment for monitoring health and use in prevention and therapy
We communicate blood pressure monitors and nebulisers in the German media.

Parsenn Kosmetik

Küblis, since 2009

Cosmetics for hands and feet
We handle the complete PR program for the family-owned company from the mountains of Grisons.


Uster, since 2014

Natural Perfumes
We communicate the brand's Terroires Perfumes in Switzerland and in Germany.

Logo skin689


Baar, since 2017

Firming skin care products for treating cellulite and providing structure
We handle media relations in Germany and Switzerland and direct all social media campaigns.



Sprögnitz, since 2017

Organic herbs and spices, tea, coffee, cocoa and fine snacks
We support the brand with PR work in Germany.


Karlsruhe, since 2008

Marine-based cosmetics and Spa specialist
We not only manage the overall PR for Germany and Austria for this French cosmetics brand; we have also handled all their social media activities since 2008.


Paris, since 2012

Pioneers in phyto-cosmetics
The family-owned and run company entrusted us with their PR activities in Switzerland.


References since 1998

Beauty, wellness, lifestyle

  • ananné, Zurich
  • Daniel Jouvance, Paris
  • De Giorgio, Luzerne
  • Dr. Pierre Ricaud, Paris
  • Farfalla, Uster
  • Filabé, Schaffhausen
  • JOYA Shoes, Roggwil
  • Juka d'Or, Ubstadt-Weiher
  • Kuhn Rikon, Rikon
  • LACOTE, Modena
  • Migros Online-Shop Germany, Basel
  • Nature & Découvertes, Toussus Le Noble
  • Nergi, Labatut
  • Parsenn Kosmetik, Küblis
  • Radical Skincare, Zurich
  • RAUSCH AG Kreuzlingen
  • Richard-Lüscher-Britos, Uster
  • RINGANA, Hartberg
  • skin689, Baar
  • SONNENTOR, Sprögnitz
  • Karolin Kury Design, Schorndorf
  • Unique Nature, Stuttgart
  • Versandhaus Walz, Bad Waldsee
  • Vincent Sheppard, Spiere
  • Yon-Ka, Paris


  • Iromedica, St. Gallen
  • Marstall Clinics, Sigmaringen and Stuttgart
  • Max Zeller AG, Romanshorn
  • Medela Medizintechnik, Munich (Medical Technology)
  • OMRON Healthcare, Mannheim
  • WALA Heilmittel GmbH, Bad Boll


Sports and tourism

  • Decathlon, Plochingen
  • Esslingen Tourism, Esslingen
  • Schweizer Reisekasse REKA (Swiss Holiday Fund), Bern

Culture and events

  • German Literature Archives Marbach
  • Dino entertainment AG, Stuttgart
  • Hufeisen edition, Zurich
  • Stage Entertainment, Hamburg
  • Association of Protestant Church Music in Württemberg, Stuttgart
  • Wüstenrot Foundation. Ludwigsburg


Non-profit companies

  • Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World), Stuttgart
  • City of Esslingen, Esslingen
  • JOBLINGE, Stuttgart
  • Protestant Academy, Bad Boll
  • Protestant Church in Germany, Hannover
  • Protestant Regional Church in Württemberg, Stuttgart
  • KATE, Contact point for environment and development, Stuttgart
  • Protestant Church of Pomerania, Greifswald