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Effective communication is actually very easy.

The k.u.k. press portal – the new search engine for beauty, lifestyle, living and health

Our press portal combines our customers’ brands, products and news. At a glance ... and a click! Clearly arranged with all the relevant information, a sophisticated search function and the option to download images directly.

k.u.k. tells stories:

Storytelling is a supreme discipline, making it an excellent fit for us. We are delighted to support the launch of the new skin care brand YOONIC with great stories and influencer relations.

k.u.k. reinvents:

giving the aesthetic centre of the TopPharm pharmacy in Zurich a new website. A sophisticated look, with fresh content and a structure that makes the cosmetic institute’s product range immediately visible.

cobicos, PR, Brand Communication, Storytelling, Beauty Brand, Media Relations
​k.u.k. is becoming even more amazing:

and since March 2020 it has been ensuring an even greater media presence for the certified high-end natural cosmetics from cobicos: The products feature an extremely high concentration of active ingredients, such as manuka honey and mamaku from New Zealand.

Novexpert, Wirkstoffpflege, Brand Communication, Markteinführung, Blogger Relations
k.u.k. sets new beauty trends:

and is making the French pharmaceutical brand Novexpert available now in the German media. The brand is synonymous with highly innovative formulas with maximum effect and is 100% natural, 100% biodegradable, 100% vegan and hypoallergenic.

Sanotint, PR Kampagne, Public Relations, Social Media Kampagne, PR Agentur Stuttgart, Pressearbeit
k.u.k. keeps colours bright:

we have been promoting SANOTINT haircare products since the end of 2018. In particular the near-natural oxidation hair colour, which is virtually chemical-free and yet achieves permanent grey coverage.

Tal, Kosmetik Schweiz, Social Media Kampagne, Pressearbeit, PR Agentur, Blogger Relations
k.u.k. heads out into the Grisons mountains:

we have also been showcasing Parsenn Kosmetik AG’s ‘cult’ products in the German and Austrian media since April 2018. That includes the legendary TAL hand cream containing the purest Swiss mountain spring water.

KUKUK – the k.u.k. PR podcast for decision-makers

With over 20 years of experience in PR, we know how to successfully position brands and products. On KUKUK, we will provide exciting insights, share key knowledge and experiences and discuss the pros and cons of the many options available to PR personnel.

Joblinge, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Pressearbeit, PR Agentur, Public Relations Stuttgart
k.u.k. is committed:

and is providing press and PR work on a voluntary basis for JOBLINGE. The initiative prepares young people for employment, who might otherwise not have an opportunity to secure an apprenticeship position. We are one of the official partners.

k.u.k. kommunikation helps companies to build brands, increase brand awareness and have the best possible connection with their target groups.

Brand Empowerment & Storytelling:
Data does not go viral. Stories do.
(L. Johnson)

Good stories generate awareness and intuitively speak to us. They are therefore easier to remember than purely factual information. We advise companies on the development of their story and help them to create an identity and a feeling of connectedness with a strong sense of personal branding. Convincing customers is less about qualitative differences, and much more about emotional factors that can be communicated. Or to put it simply: people buy brands that appeal and that they trust.

Are you unsure about what your company stands for? Do you lack clear positioning? 

Then let’s develop your company’s core story together. It is the foundation for a sustainable communication strategy. And it also provides content modules for contacting publishers, your own digital channels and customer touchpoints.

Public & Media Relations:
Getting people to know, like and trust you.

As a communications agency with over 20 years of PR experience, we think in terms headlines, recognise media trends early on and use them for our customers. Our aim is to produce interesting news and exciting content while, at the same time, communicating our clients’ expertise. We prepare topics in such a way that journalists and digital opinion-shapers are happy to publish and receive them. Because they offer added value and provide topics for discussion.
We maintain personal contacts with all key lifestyle editors in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Instead of relying on automated online distribution services, we depend on our own personalised, up-to-the-minute press distribution lists. This is the only way to achieve a media approach that generates trust and promotes long-term relationships. 

Do you have newsworthy stories? And topics that are of editorial interest?

We will help you to take your company, your expertise and your products to the target media. With journalistic expertise, creativity and the requisite sales talent.

Content Creation & Copywriting:
Great content is the best sales tool.
(M. Sheridan)

We can tell stories. We have been doing nothing else for years. And we are sure that you also have exciting stories to tell. We will listen to you, filter the key messages and identify the stories that are particularly relevant to your target group and the respective communication channel.
We always focus on the following questions: what really interests your target group? Which topics and content are relevant? Which channels should be used to communicate what content in what form? The focus and approach vary according to the channel.

Do you want to target your audience more precisely? And generate even greater awareness through strategic agenda setting?

We will research wide-reaching topics for your target group and communication channels. And write all the necessary copy – from blog posts to newsletters and sales-promoting product descriptions.

Social Media & Influencer Relations:
Make new friends.

It is obvious why social media channels are so important: nowhere else on the World Wide Web can you communicate more directly and authentically with your target group. We would be happy to help you optimise your existing profile, assist in maintaining your image and generate more traffic to your website. We will look for influencers who are a perfect fit for you and reliably reach the right audience, in order to implement effective cooperative relationships. For value-added content that is credible and compelling. And that helps to build trust in your brand and attract new followers.

Do you want to turn users into real fans? Are you looking for brand testimonials?

We will develop a social media strategy for you and prepare your news in an entertaining way for each platform. We rely on long-term, hand-picked collaborative partnerships with influencers to boost your appeal and reach.

The k.u.k. press portal:
The new search engine for beauty & lifestyle.

Our press portal combines our customers’ brands, products and news. At a glance ... and a click! Clearly arranged with all the relevant information, a sophisticated search function and the option to download images directly

kuk Presseportal

What sets k.u.k. apart:
Swabian spirit and a strategic mind.

Beauty, Food, Fitness and Health: k.u.k. is shaped by a clear focus on lifestyle topics and interdisciplinarity. But also through efficient processes. After all, in the end, it's always about getting your messages across to the right people at the right time. We also think holistically and look forward to the cross-media processing of the content we produce: this allows us to break down a press release into "snackable content" for social media channels, rework it as blog content, rearrange it for a landing page or your website, or re-choreograph it for an emerging trend topic.
As Swabians, we work hard, are persistent and have the ability to tackle a problem from all sides, always keeping a close eye on costs and benefits. But don't worry: we still have a good sense of humour and we aren’t bogged down in stuffy traditions.

Interested in finding out more?
We would be glad to send you a detailed list of our services.

We are k.u.k.
Meet the team!

Dr. Claudia Kübler, Inhaberin, Senior PR Beraterin, PR Agentur Stuttgart, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Dr. Phil. Claudia Kübler
PR consultant and proprietor of k.u.k. kommunikation

Christine Bodon, PR jobs, PR Beraterin, PR Agentur Stuttgart, Unternehmenskommunikation, Public Relations

Christine Bodon
PR Consultant

Stefanie Weber, jobs PR, Office Manager, Public Relations Stuttgart, Agentur für Kommunikation

Stefanie Weber
Office manager

Laura Hanson, PR jobs, PR Werkstudentin, PR Agentur, Unternehmenskommunikation, Pressearbeit

Laura Hanson
PR Assistant

Dorothea Egi, Praktikantin, PR Agentur Stuttgart, Unternehmenskommunikation, Public Relations

Dorothea Egi

Dr. Claudia Kundigraber, Journalistin, Inhaberin, PR Agentur Stuttgart, Pressearbeit, Unternehmenskommunikation

Dr. Rer. Soc. Claudia Kundigraber
Co-founder of k.u.k. kommunikation

These brands rely on us.

cobicos, Naturkosmetik, hohe Wirkstoffkonzentration, green beauty


Landshut, since 2020

Certified high-end natural cosmetic
We communicate brands and their products in Germany.

Couleur Caramel, PR Kosmetik, Kosmetik Frankreich, Unternehmenskommunikation, Influencer Kooperation, Influencer Agentur

Couleur Caramel

Paris, since 2008

Biological decorative cosmetics
Couleur Caramel is a cult product line. We have undertaken not only classical PR, but since 2011 all their social media activities as well.

Decathlon, PR Fashion, PR Sport, PR Lifestyle, Public Relations Stuttgart, Unternehmenskommunikation


Plochingen, since 2011

The leading sporting goods manufacturer in France
We bring the global player from France into the German media and also provide support in opening new media outlets.

Ella Baché, Pressearbeit, Public Relations Agentur, PR Stuttgart, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Ella Baché

Karlsruhe, since 2008

Cosmetic products for body and face
We bring the products of cosmetics pioneer Ella Baché into the German and Austrian media.

farfalla, PR Agentur Stuttgart, Beauty PR Agentur, Influencer Kooperationen, Blogger Relations


Uster, since 2014

Swiss pioneering organic cosmetics producer
We are responsible for product and brand PR and communication in Germany and Switzerland.

Joblinge, Unternehmenskommunikation, Agentur für Kommunikation, PR Kampagne


Stuttgart, since 2016

An initiative to integrate young people into the employment market
We are responsible on a voluntary basis for PR work in the Stuttgart region.

Kuhn Rikon, PR Lifestyle, PR Food, Unternehmenskommunikation, PR Agentur Stuttgart

Kuhn Rikon

Rikon, since 2012

The cookware manufacturer of Switzerland
We manage classical public relations in Germany and Switzerland for the Swiss market leader.

Novexpert, Pharma-Brand, vegan, Wirkstoffkosmetik, Ecozert


Karlsruhe, since 2020

Pharmaceutical brand from France
We bring the 100% natural and highly-efficient beauty products to the German media and manage the instagram channel.

parsenn, Kosmetik Schweiz, Public Relations, PR Agentur, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Blogger Relations

Parsenn Kosmetik

Küblis, since 2009

Cosmetics for hands and feet
We handle the complete PR program for the family-owned company from the mountains of Grisons.

Sanotint, Pressearbeit, PR Agentur, Unternehmenskommunikation, Haarpflege


Winnenden, since 2018

Haircare products from Italy in harmony with nature
We promote the brand’s oxidative hair dyes in the German media.

Sonnentor, PR Agentur Food, Kommunikationsagentur, Blogger Relations, PR Lifestyle, PR Agentur Stuttgart


Sprögnitz, since 2017

Organic herbs and spices, tea, coffee, cocoa and fine snacks
We support the brand with PR work in Germany.

Thalgo, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Public Relations Agentur, PR Kosmetik


Karlsruhe, since 2008

Marine-based cosmetics and Spa specialist
We manage the overall PR for Germany and Austria for this French cosmetics brand.

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Sports and tourism

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Culture and events

  • German Literature Archives Marbach
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Non-profit companies

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  • KATE, Contact point for environment and development, Stuttgart
  • Protestant Church of Pomerania, Greifswald

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