Swabian spirit &

a strategic mind.

KUK. Kommunikation has over 25 years of experience in helping companies build their brands, increase brand awareness and connect with their target audience.

KUK. Kommunikation is a PR agency based in Stuttgart with a focus on brand PR. We develop visionary and relevant communication concepts and stories for our clients. And we bring products, brands and services that inspire us - primarily from the beauty, food and fitness industries - into conversation and into the media. Strategically thoughtful, authentic and purposeful. Sustainability is close to our hearts. That's why we like to communicate for companies that take their social responsibility seriously. 

As Swabians, we work hard, are persistent and have the ability to tackle a problem from all sides, always keeping a close eye on costs and benefits. But don't worry: we still have a good sense of humour and we don’t get bogged down in stuffy traditions.

From the media big bang of launching a company or product to conceptualising your brand DNA, we successfully implement communications projects. For global players, start-ups and boutique brands. Soon for you?


PR Consultant and proprietor of KUK. Kommunikation

… passionate about sailing, she loves spending her free time on the water. She is intensely interested in anything new and innovative and has a sixth sense for digital trends. She founded KUK. Kommunikation in 1998 during her first pregnancy.

Junior PR Consultant

... as a creative soul with a love for interior design, she transforms spaces into vibrant places full of character. Her passion for planning and organization shapes her projects and her life. She is inspired by travel and a love of culinary delights.

Special Task Force

… strides through life on high heels while juggling several projects at a time. Loves being outdoors and always welcomes flowers – if not on the meadow then at least on her lapel.

Student Trainee

… as a digital native, she is responsible for the community management of our social media accounts. She loves her current home Rotterdam, TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest.