Eco? Of course!

Kuhn Rikon launches frying pan made from recycled aluminium.

With their pressure cooking and soft cooking product lines, our client Kuhn Rikon is a pioneer of energy-saving cookware. The launch of their NEW LIFE frying pan made from 100% recycled aluminium is the next logical step.
Up to about 40 aluminium cans are recycled to make a frying pan. According to non-profit Swiss Recycling, compared to conventional manufacturing this method saves about 9 kilos of CO2 per kilo of aluminium (which is about 45 kilometres travelled by car or 315 kWh power) and 95% of the energy used in the initial process. This also circumvents long-distance transportation, because these ecological frying pans are made in Switzerland at the company’s factory in Rikon. It’s a simple calculation: fewer raw materials and energy used means fewer emissions and less of an environmental impact. We think this is ‘pantastic’ – as is the happy news that the NEW LIFE product line is getting a new addition.